World decentralized
Investment platform

Fast, easy, and not only an investment platform:
it's a cryptocurrency exchange platform too. It's eBLX.

  • Bullioncoin (BLX) is stored in only one address.
  • No much knowledge is needed to invest on the platform.
  • Users manages their Private Keys, Keystore File (UTC / JSON), Passphrase and Password, we did not require this.
  • No transaction fee for BLX deposit (Only ethereum blockchain charge GAS).
  • GreenBar SSL (encryption up to 256-bit).

  • Very Easy and Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange.
  • The Cryptocurrency Exchange Manager has no access to users funds.
  • eBLX users enjoy low transaction fee on funds withdrawal.
  • GREENBAR SSL certificate, Encryption up to 256-bit.

Bullioncoin is derived from the word "bullion" a gold, silver or precious metal in form of coins, bars or ingots use as investment and trade on market.

Bullioncoin is an ethereum based cryptocurrency use mainly for investment and trading, and other activities like buying of goods.

The purpose of Bullioncoin project is to create investment/profit  and easy cryptocurrency trading with low fees, we noticed that many traders face the difficulty of high fees and slow or no response of exchanges supports.

Bullioncoin is aimed to make buy and sell of fiats and cryptocurrency with low fees and good sfast response from the support.

Bullioncoin holders to get it at cheap price in early stage and get profit when the growth start to boost, there will be a platform where Bullioncoin will be easily exchanged to other forms of money.

Investment of BLX will be made on bullioncoin investment platform, where investors get weekly profits and monthly withdrawal, and Bullioncoin will be available on many exchanges where it can be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies and fiats.

All products and services will be traded on Bullioncoin cryptocurrency exchange platform, except those considered to be illegal, destructive or harmful to the planet Earth and its inhabitants, such as illegal drugs, weapons, pornography, racist-related, products of someone else’s or pirated products, harmful foods and anything considered to be damaging or detrimental to the general well- being of mankind and this planet Earth..


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