Our Vision

The purpose of bullioncoin project is to end poverty for it holders, we see that there are many human on earth who needs to pay bills,buy goods, electronics, cloths but didn't have enough money to live a good life, that is the purpose of building bullioncoin for holders to get it at cheap price in early stage and be a millionaire when the growth start to boost, there will be a platform where bullioncoin will be easily exchanged to other forms of money.

Our goal is for bullioncoin to reach $100 per token before 2020, enlighten the world about bullioncoin project to change the lives of many people in the world.

Our Story

In early 2016 when bitcoins hit $1,000 per coin, people that were not aware of bitcoin at early stage was unable to to buy whole number of bitcoins but get it in decimals, people who were aware of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins became millionaires in dollars especially now that its around $2,800 per coin, that came about invention of bullioncoin, people who missed bitcoin can invest in bullioncoins at early stage and get thousands of coins that will worth million dollars in future.

The bullioncoin team came together in early 2017 and came up with the new crypto-currency that can change every humans life. Teaming up brings us to the success of the new coin called bullioncoin

Our motto

Enrich the world

Next Steps...

Bullioncoin is on a mission to end poverty for it holders, get bullioncoin and be financially free in short period of time